This 150W mini-sine compact static inverter can be used as a standard central battery system with a change-over relay mounted inside each of the emergency lights. The enclosure can be supplied with 1 hour or 3 hour battery back-up.

When used with our high temperature luminaires, where individual batteries are no longer an option due to the high ambient temperature, the inverter and change-over relays can be mounted remotely and provide full output emergency lighting in onerous environments.
Examples of high temperature lighting, suitable for central battery operation, are EXTRA-LED-PLUS/FROST up to 70°c, SALUKA-LED-PLUS/FROST up to 70°C and EXTREME-LED-PLUS/FROST up to 75°C.


Mini-sine compact static inverter:

  • 150W @230Vac
  • 1 or 3 hour emergency
  • Quiet chassis based fan to cool charger during initial charging stage
  • Ambient up to 30°C
  • Front panel indicators:
    • Healthy supply
    • Battery disconnect/charging
    • Over-charging
  • Robust steel enclosure

Change-over and monitoring relay:

  • 1250VA static inverter change-over relay
  • Maintained or non-maintained wiring option
  • Local sub-circuit monitoring
  • Remote steel housing optional
  • Addressable version optional